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Why is it wise to invest in chimney caps?

An investment in a chimney cap pays off as it protects the fireplace and wood stove flue against animals, debris and also prevents water and structure damage. It is essential to have a chimney cap cover that is made with quality materials, fits and installed properly. Here are some reasons why it is wise to invest in chimney caps :

  1. Keep animals out: Animals and birds such as raccoons, squirrels, and more can sometimes make their way inside your home through the chimney. With chimney cap installation you will not have to worry about these pests.
  2. Prevents water damage: If your chimney does not have a chimney cap then rainwater is likely to enter the wood stove’s flue and will corrode from the inside over time. This can potentially cause structural problems and breakdowns in your fireplace.
  3. Improves efficiency: A properly installed chimney cap will help minimize the heat lost from the wood stove’s flue or the fireplace. This also means that your home’s heating system or furnace will not have to work harder.
  4. Reduces chimney and fireplace maintenance cost: Chimney cap is a worthwhile investment because it can reduce your maintenance costs. Since the soot buildup inside your chimney is minimized with a cap in place, you won’t need to worry about cleaning the flue occasionally, saving you time and repair cost.


Some different types of chimney caps.

There are various chimney covers and caps available each with their own features that you can choose from depending on the location of the chimney, weather conditions and type of heating unit you are using. Here are different types of chimney caps :

  1. Standard chimney cap: Standard caps are flushed with the chimney flue tiles then screwed into the chimney. These caps consist of a screen which helps to catch large sparks flying up the chimney from the fire.
  2. Weather protection chimney cap: Weather protection caps are usually made of galvanized metal, aluminum or stainless steel and are used in areas of low temperatures or high winds. These caps are corrosion resistant and can even withstand harsh weather conditions saving you chimney cap replacement cost.
  3. Top mounted chimney cap: Top mounted caps can be ideal for chimneys where the chimney has been protruding beyond the crown. These caps are suitable for both brick and prefabricated chimneys and are available in copper or stainless steel.
  4. Circumferential brick chimney cap: Circumferential brick chimney cap can be the best choice if you have an outdoor chimney as it entirely surrounds the chimney. This brick chimney cap cover is typically made of stainless or aluminum which also includes an adjustable strap and a metal mesh skirt.
  5. Electro-ventilated chimney cap: Electro-ventilated chimney cap features a fan which can be adjusted to different speed settings ensuring a good draft of the fire. You can even adjust traction control according to fire hazards and weather conditions.
  6. Integrated damper cap: This chimney cap is intended for older chimneys which do not have a damper inside the chimney. The flap of the damper cap prevents cold air from outside and is often attached to the wall of the chimney.

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