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Allgood Construction Wednesday, September 14th, 2022

What is a concrete paver sealer?

For many of us, it may be a new topic for us to hear about concrete paver sealer. This blog will try to tell you everything about concrete paver sealer and why it is important to seal your pavers:

First of all let’s talk about concrete pavers. Concrete pavers are a great way to enhance the beauty of your exterior as well as your interior spaces. Concrete pavers are mostly used around the pool, in walkways, pathways, as a wall, driveway, patios, firepit.

In simple terms, a concrete paver sealer is a coat applied on the pavers to prevent subsequent coats of paint or varnish from sinking in. Sealing creates an invisible layer on top of your paver that repels water, oil and anything else you might accidentally drop. So applying sealers may not be everyone’s choice but those who apply sealers can be sure the patio pattern that they selected will not fade or lose its beauty anytime soon.


Why is it important to seal your pavers?

Finally, you have had your patio fitted with concrete pavers. Everyone who has seen it marvels at its beauty and you yourself feel pride in investing in this particular paver patio pattern. However, as time goes by you start to notice something is not right. The beauty of your patio seems to have diminished many folds. You begin to notice the color of your patio fading, vegetation has grown from the joints. If you are confused on what you can do to bring back the beauty of your patio, then a simple solution is having your pavers sealed.

It should come as no surprise that sealing extends the beauty and lifespan of our pavers. Still, many people may have doubts about whether they should have their pavers sealed or not. In general, if you want to preserve and have long lasting pavers then it is important to seal the paver. Having your pavers sealed is important for many more reasons as well, some of them are:

  1. Protecting the pavers from fading: With extended periods of exposure to sun, the color pigments in the concrete pavers begin to fade away. Sealing the pavers helps the concrete pavers from losing its colors and protects the pavers from fading.
  2. Enhancing the colors: Sealers work like varnish that other seals provide on wooden surfaces to draw out the colors and contrast in concrete pavers to create a great visual. Using sealers will greatly enhance the colors of your concrete pavers.
  3. Stain removal: The most important perk of using sealers is it makes removal of stains on pavers much easier. This is because applying sealing makes pavers less porous and any oil spill can be easily removed.

All Good Construction specializes in providing paver patio installation services in and around the Suwanee, GA area. Whether you need to have pavers on your patios, driveway or your pathways sealed, Allgood Construction Services has your back. We provide paver patio installation services as well. In business since 2003, our team of experts also provide guidance through the maze of endless paver patio patterns to choose from as well as tell you how much a paver patio costs.

For more information about concrete paver sealers, you can always feel free to CONTACT US and GET AN ESTIMATE for your construction requirements.

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