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Allgood Construction Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

Stone Trends: Natural Stone Accent Walls

Including natural stone in the design of your home’s renovation projects, whether for the interior, exterior, or landscape design, could be an excellent choice if you want to boost the aesthetic appeal of your property. The attractiveness of natural stone accent walls can be attributed, in part, to the fact that natural stones are a trustworthy and long-lasting material that can serve a variety of purposes and is also aesthetically pleasing. The construction of a wall out of natural stone is a wonderful way to create a space that is both practical and unique for the interior and exterior of a house. The following is a list of some of the most recent stone trends  that you might want to consider for your living areas:

  • Stone entryway: A natural stone wall can give your doorway a modern feel with a dark-colored stone wall or a vintage look with a light-colored stone wall. Both of these looks can be achieved by choosing a lighter hue for the stone wall. 
  • Stone fireplace: If you want to improve the look of your fireplace and make any space feel cozier, consider installing an accent wall made of natural stone. Having a fireplace and a stone accent wall in your home generates a cozy atmosphere, which is especially important during the colder months. Stone veneer fireplaces are the style that the vast majority of homeowners select for their homes. 
  • Wrapped wall: If you need to divide two rooms with a broad or thick wall, you might want to try wrapping it in a natural stone veneer panel for a more dynamic effect. Wrapped walls are popular in modern homes. For instance, walls painted in a dark charcoal tone can lend contrast while also lending depth to an otherwise flat interior design. 
  • A modernization of the bathroom using natural stone: As a surface material for bathrooms, natural stone tiles have been utilized for centuries. It fits in perfectly with both an ultra-modern streamlined design and a design that features an ultra-thin stone veneer. 
  • Kitchen wall: The appearance of the kitchen as a whole can be vastly improved by installing a stone accent wall in the room. Creating a focal point in the kitchen that also functions as an aesthetic feature can be accomplished with the use of natural stone. 
  • Stone TV backdrop: Adding dimension and a sense of mystery to the space, this natural stone TV background transforms the wall behind the television into an eye-catching accent wall. The use of a stone accent results in a more refined appearance and helps bring the whole thing together. 
  • Exterior of your home: Whether you want to brighten up your balcony or patio, an accent wall made of stone will help you reach your aim of sprucing up the exterior of your property. Due to the natural exterior stone veneer’s longevity, you will be able to incorporate it into the exterior of your home and receive a great deal of positive feedback.


AllGood Construction Services offers construction services that involve the use of stone.

Stone walls are an excellent option for any homeowner who is interested in increasing the attractiveness of the exterior of their property. If you want an aesthetic solution that will last for a long time, selecting natural stone pavers or stone accent walls as a solution for any room of your home is a smart selection. Stone construction services  that are dependable and expertly performed are available to you from Allgood Construction Services. We have been in the masonry industry for many years, and our goal is to use that experience to provide great building and repair services. Beyond specializing in outdoor living spaces and providing one-of-a-kind customization based on the requirements and expectations of our clients, our goal encompasses much more.


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