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Allgood Construction Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

Some cozy fireplace tiles idea

It’s always nice to have a fireplace in your home. Fireplaces are the focal point of any room they occupy and one thing is always sure, your hearth will always be the heart of the room. So, treating your fireplace as just a source of heat is unfair. Instead it should be treated more like a tool to bring the X-factor of your home. AllGood Construction has prepared a list of ideas to make your fireplace cozy and make it a centerpiece of your living room.

Cozy fireplace ideas:

Whether you already have a fireplace or are thinking about fireplace tiles installation. We have prepared a list of fireplace tiles ideas to add warmth and coziness in your living room.

  • Add a lot of plants: Filling your space around the fireplace with a lot of greenery is a great idea. Having plants in your living room also creates a calm and serene atmosphere.
  • Add a mirror: A great way to decorate the mantel is by placing a mirror directly above the fireplace. Addition of a mirror to your fireplace adds to the aesthetic value of the room.
  • Paint it black: If you need a makeover for your fireplace then painting it black is always a great idea. The classic black color looks great on the fireplace and adds depth to your room. Make sure you keep the rest of the walls bright in color to provide a lovely contrast.
  • Add chevron stripes: Adding chevron pattern tiles on the inside of your fireplace is a great way to give your fireplace a modern feel.
  • Add a gas: If you feel it is not possible for you to keep lugging in firewood and stoking fire all night. Then consider swapping your wood burning fireplace for a gas insert. It is easy to maintain and manage.
  • Create a game zone: Creating a game zone around your fireplace is a great way of upgrading. This zone is a perfect, kid friendly, cozy place for your family game nights throughout the winter.


Trending fireplace tiles in 2022

In 2022 we have seen many fireplace tile designs being created and loved by people. Among the countless fireplace tile designs, AllGood Construction has selected the trendiest fireplace tiles

  • Timeless white subway tile: The timeless white subway tiles are on the top of our list. Whether you are updating your old fireplace or redesigning a new one, a few easy touch ups with the subway tiles will bring it up to match the trend. These white tiles will make your space appear larger and add to the aesthetic value of the room.
  • Glass tiles: If you want to add some extra gloss or shine to your fireplace, glass tiles are a fantastic way. Adding glass tiles around your fireplace reflects both natural sunshine & beautiful flames.
  • The marble show: Marble tiles’ simplicity adds beauty to your fireplace as well as your room. The one problem with marble tiles upto now was it wasn’t durable and could easily crack. However with advancement in technology in the tile industry, it has become super easy to get a tile that replicates marble.
  • Terracotta for the win: It is always a great idea to experiment. Thanks to technological advancements we can safely put trending fireplace tiles terracotta tiles in our fireplace. Terracotta tiles look really wonderful for both contemporary and modern themed fireplaces.

All Good Constructions is an expert in providing the best fireplace tiles installation services in and around the Suwanee, GA area. For more information about fireplace designs, you can always feel free to CALL US and GET A QUOTE for your fireplace requirements.

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