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Some alarming signs that indicate your chimney is falling.

Chimneys are the heaviest and structurally vulnerable exterior part of a building. Keeping your chimney safe is essential as accidents caused by their collapse or falling can result in costly structural damage of your home as well as death. Chimney does not collapse overnight which means you should be aware of the warning signs beforehand the actual collapse. Here are some alarming chimney failing signs that you may need to know:

  1. Gaps between the bricks (missing mortar)
    Chimneys deteriorate overtime, and you may start to see gaps forming between the bricks of your chimney. The gaps and missing mortar will create an entry point for significant volumes of water. The water that gets into the brick will eventually come out from inside your home. This is a sign that you’ll need some chimney repair and replacement or will have to repoint these areas with fresh mortar to strengthen the chimney structure as a whole.
  2. The faces of bricks falling off of the roof
    The faces of the brick popping off is known as spalding. The spalding happens when the bricks absorb water and after the freezing temperatures arrive. The water freezes and expands, building up the pressure which eventually pops the face of the brick off of the roof.
  3. Water leaks running down or seeping out from the masonry
    If the water is running down from the face of the brick or coming out of the brick it creates a problem with the flashing at the point the roof connects to the chimney. The water that comes out of the bricks gets absorbed by the brick above the roofline and will damage the masonry along with the structure of your home.


Why chimney maintenance is important?

It is recommended to do chimney maintenance annually however it varies depending on the usage and age of your chimney system. The proper maintenance of your chimney system will keep them operating at full efficiency and will save you from chimney repair costs. Here are some points on why maintenance of chimney is important:

  1. Improved safety: The maintenance of your chimney prevents creosote which is a byproduct of the burning of smoke that accumulates on the surfaces of the chimney. It can be dangerous as the creosote can accumulate to become thick layers that can later become flammable. Along with the creosote it can also disrupt the flow of harmful gasses which can be deadly to the health of you and your family.
  2. Enhanced efficiency: With regular cleaning and maintenance of chimneys, there won’t be build-ups and obstruction that will disrupt its ability to operate properly. If you do not access your chimney constantly then there can be a possibility of birds making a habitat on your chimney which can be detrimental.
  3. Extends the chimney life: Regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of your chimney and help mitigate the acidic impacts of shoots from damaging it. You can also hire professionals as they have experience and proper technique in chimney cleaning and are also well versed in what to do or avoid. You can search for a chimney repair service near me to get in contact with professional chimney cleaners.

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