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Allgood Construction Monday, May 30th, 2022

How cemented sidewalks are constructed?

Cemented sidewalks have a long service life with an average span from 20 to 40 years. This is a strong appeal for concrete sidewalks. The key credential in sidewalk longevity is the quality of construction. The stability and quality of cemented sidewalks depends on materials used and design as well as construction practice. A prominent and promising sidewalk construction service all relies on best practice for concrete sidewalk construction. The article consists of different methodologies and tips for problem-free sidewalk construction for better performance. A professional cemented sidewalk constructor is the foremost requirement to install the sidewalk.

For the sidewalk construction, first a proper compaction and preparation of subgrade beneath the sidewalk is essential .Then the uniformity of compaction is traced as per the degree of compaction. This uniform compaction firmly diminishes settlements of concrete sidewalk with reduced chance of development of crack.

It’s always a better idea to place a granular subbase layer between the compact subgrade as well as concrete slab for more uniform support and bridge over minor subgrade defects. In case the underlying subgrade soil, it is susceptible to shrinkage due to moisture depletion.

The newly poured concrete sidewalks should be protected from freezing in cold temperatures for at least five days after placement.

Wet curing or the application of liquid membrane-forming curing compound is vital in retaining adequate moisture in concrete in the phase of strength developing in warm temperatures. As the concrete surface can dry within 20 to 30 minutes in sunny, windy and warm situations.

In order to minimize cracking, those control joints need to be fragmented into slabs of spacing of 4 feet across length of the sidewalk as well as depth of ¼ on slab thickness. To disguise any sorts of appearance, decorative concrete contractors can incorporate these joints or stenciled patterns.

The roots of large trees could damage sidewalks by causing uplift of slab. So, if any sorts of damage is traced, repairing will require removing the problem roots. These can be harmful for your health. So, these fundaments need to be considered while construction of cement sidewalks.


Why do you need to hire professional sidewalk construction and repair service?

Sidewalk safety and maintenance is always an issue for the owner. The one with the access of these sidewalks always chooses easy and safer accessibility. Regular inspection and repair is very much important for keeping these sidewalks safe for pedestrians for long years and the assurance of this durability and quality of sidewalk service can only be achieved through professional service. It also helps in optimizing sidewalk construction cost.

The major benefit of professional sidewalk construction and repairing service is that the inspection and construction work constitute expertise, safety and aesthetic appearance. They work upon the cracked, uneven surfaces, old and grimy patchwork and many more. The knowledge and experience guarantees the completion of a job perfectly.


Sidewalk construction and repair service in Allgood Construction Services.

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