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Sidewalks Construction:

Did you know having a sidewalk reduces the risk of accidents, ensures the safety of the pedestrians and provides a greater mobility? Sidewalks are very important, they allow the pedestrians to walk safely without the need to worry about the cars and other potential hazards. Also, for our home a sidewalk not only provides us with a safe walkway, it can also be an aesthetic part of our residence. With a nicely made sidewalk we can enhance the landscape of the neighborhood, it can dramatically increase your home’s curb appeal. With an experience of 18 years, no project is ever too big or small for us. We have been serving many homeowners and property managers to build a safe sidewalk as well as driveways. When it is about driveways, sidewalks Allgood Construction Inc. is the place to go.

Attention to details:

We have been doing masonry related projects since 2003. But we have never taken any project big or small lightly. For us something like a sidewalk is as important as stonework or a fireplace. We have been able to make a name for ourselves because of our approach to work on sidewalks with diligence and care. At Allgood Construction Services Inc. we pay attention to even the smallest details, and firmly believe in making it as easy as possible for our customers by attending to their needs. With our experience we provide guidance on what materials to use, and what designs are the best with the final choices being yours.

How do we do it?

So how do we do it? Firstly, a sub base of gravel or limestone has to be installed. Secondly, the channel is bedded, leveled, and compacted. Then after the slabs are laid, adjacent slabs must be adhered with jointing materials. We know the steps by heart and have some of the best masons who have been perfecting this craft for years. Since 2003 we have accumulated so much experience that we have earned a good name for ourselves. You can be rest assured that we know what we are doing and we use the right tools and provide the best quality.

Sidewalk Repairs:

It is hard to walk without fear when your sidewalks have cracks or when your sidewalk is uneven. The cracks can be a threat to life or affect the beauty of the sidewalk. Whichever the case if left unattended, the cracks tend to deteriorate to the point where the entire sidewalk has to be replaced. The uneven sidewalk is caused by various factors, the most common being due to water. The water finds its way under the concrete slabs where it may freeze or melt leading to the rising and sinking of the slabs. Allgood Construction Services Inc. ensures you that we will do a thorough job so that neither you nor your visitor may trip over protruding slabs, feel unpleasant, or even feel an uneven surface. On top of that we will be providing our services at a fair and reasonable price.