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Paver Installation & Repair

Paver Installation & Repair

Pavers, also known as paving stones, are the construction components that are flat and made of stones, brick or concrete. These are normally used as exterior flooring. Pavers are the top choice when it comes to creating well customized and beautiful driveways, walkways, patios and pool decks.
Paving stones are generally the actual stones or maybe the bricks or brick-like units which are made of concrete. Natural stone pavers are extremely durable with unique characteristics depending on the preferred stone option.
Brick pavers are made of clay. These pavers are cast in various formations which are further heated and obtained naturally on differentiated and unique colors. Brick pavers are used to get a classic and distinct look in patios, driveways and pardon paths for thousands of years. These pavers are the ideal choice if you’re looking for a traditional design with great durability and color orientation.
Concrete pavers are the cost effective and relevant choice which is versatile enough for any applications. The paver brings a wide range of benefits to any project. These pavers are manufactured using a concrete mix of sand, aggregate and water. Further, different colors and additive elements can be added for specific characteristics. This provides sturdy, weather-resistant and stylish results in final exposure.

Paver Color, Shape & Size Options

Pavers have extreme versatility in terms of design! Pavers are offered in almost all colors, shapes, and sizes you can think of, plus, they can be installed in a variety of laying patterns. The result of combining all these factors is sure to fit any design style.

Paver Durability & Maintenance

Pavers are extremely durable and will easily last a golden jubilee. The concrete slabs normally start to crack with time as well as require expensive replacement. But pavers are 4 times more durable. Only the affected unit can be replaced in case of any crack, which is extremely cheaper compared to replacing an entire concrete slab.
Paver is much more feasible when it comes to maintenance and cleaning . Other than basic cleaning, paver joint sand will require some attention to avoid loosening and weed growth. This can be avoided completely if you opt for polymeric sand. Concrete pavers should be sealed regularly to avoid stains.

Paver Installation & Repair at AllGood Construction Services

Are you in need of paver installation & repair service in your area? AllGood Construction provides different features of hiqh quality results in paver installation and repair. We acknowledge all aspects of the brick paving process including the slope, orientation and dimension. If your driveway, walkway or pool pavers have started shifting its place or becoming loose, we can help you restore it. Call Allgood Construction Services, Inc. now at (770) 336-7876 and we will provide a host of possibilities.