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Fireplace Construction:

Imagine it’s cold outside or your close friends and family have come together to enjoy a nice gathering, wouldn’t it be a cherry on the top if there is a fireplace in that room, making the atmosphere pleasant. The fire is burning, everyone is having a great time feeling cozy and nice. Who wouldn’t want to have such fun and memorable experiences? There is no doubt that a well built brick or stone fireplace enhances the look of the entire room and makes our experience more luxurious and relaxing.

So, it is no wonder that fireplaces are on top of the list of priorities that people look for when looking for a new house. A fireplace not only brings form and function together but also serves as a focal point during gatherings like the one we imagined. A good fireplace makes a statement in any room. And if you are looking to build a new fireplace then you have come to the right place. Allgood Construction Services Inc. is the best person to entrust the construction of the fireplace that will enhance your home. We not only build the fireplace but prior to the construction we will discuss with you about the budget you have, materials you would like to use, the look of the fireplace as well as the room, what fuel you will use and so on. We believe in satisfying and working together with our customers to create the sacred place of residency. One thing you can be assured of when you take the service of Allgood Construction Inc. is we employ highly skilled masons and you can expect top notch results.


With time, the fireplace starts to have cracks and there is a high risk of fire accidents. One way to ensure a safe and efficient fireplace is to schedule annual inspection & sweeping. If you need help or are confused whether your fireplace is at risk or not then do call us and we will come and inspect. We will provide honest assessment and honest explanations to you. With our experience we will guide you through the process and you can expect the best expected results.


A fireplace in need of repair should never be used. A rusty fireplace damper is mostly the cause of heat loss in any home with a functional fireplace. If you need to determine if your damper needs a replacement, then look up into the flue, and if you can see any sunlight with the damper closed then it needs repairing. Fireplaces often get worn out and damaged too often due to the excessive heat and conditions that it has to bear. If the repair of the fireplace is not performed on time then it increases the risk of fire accident as well as pieces of the fireplace dropping down. If you need a repair then Allgood Construction Services Inc. is the place to go. We have the experience of working in masonry for 18 years.