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Chimney Repair & Construction

Chimney Repair & Construction

Your chimney is the topmost vent or outlet for smoke and toxic gases from within your structure, be it from an industrial boiler, a foundry, a stove, or your home’s hearth. We have been providing chimney services since 2003. If you’re in need of chimney construction or repair, Allgood Construction Services, Inc. is pleased to bring the best-in-class chimney construction service for all types of chimneys.

Allgood Construction Services, Inc. Makes Chimneys, from Simple to Stylish!

If you own a chemicals factory, what you need are utilitarian, cylindrical industrial chimneys. Allgood Construction Services, Inc. has the know-how to make those for you affordably. But if you’re renovating your Old Europe cottage, you want a charming quadrangular chimney for your fairy-tale dwelling. In business since 2003 we have the experience to understand these differences. Regardless of whether your focus is on utility or decoration, you can rely on us to satisfy you 100 percent.

What we will not compromise on is technical correctness and safety. We will commit to a flue with sufficient width that runs straight We will ensure that creosote buildup is minimal or non-existent. And if you phone us at (770) 336-7876 to look into a problem, we’ll take care of it for you.

Allgood Construction Services, Inc.’s Variety of Chimney Services

Chimneys, chimneys, and chimneys – here at Allgood Construction Services, Inc. we make, maintain, and repair them all! Though reinforced concrete is almost exclusively used these days to make chimneys, they can also be made of brick. Or you can have a layer of colored bricks laid and adhered to the external surface of your chimney. At Allgood Construction Services, Inc., we’ll go the extra mile to give you both, utility and charm.

Allgood Construction Services, Inc. Can Make Your Chimney Dreams Come True!

Designing and building the chimney just right so as to maximize the ‘stack effect’ to effectively draw and expel smoke and gases is a science that we have perfected since 2003. As for technical details like chimney liners, sit back, assured in the knowledge that we will do a complete job from A to Z.

Chimneys need to be maintained too. You cannot have soot buildup or crumbling brick affecting the efficiency of your chimney, and worse, creating a health or fire hazard. No matter what your chimney needs, phone Allgood Construction Services, Inc. at (770) 336-7876 for a no-obligation, free quote.