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Stone Construction

Stone Construction

Looking to add appealing visuals to your home that can also aide in load-bearing? You have come to the right place! Since 2003, we have been helping community members with all their stonework and masonry needs. Call the experts at (770) 336-7876 for a free quote and to get started on your stonework project as soon as possible!

Allgood Construction Services, Inc. – Artisans of Stonework

In this Modern Age, Stonework is widely considered to be predominantly a matter of design and artwork, and it is a specialty for us at Allgood Construction Services, Inc., your artisans of stonework.

Because almost all load-bearing structures use reinforced concrete, stonework is typically used for decorative and aesthetic purposes. But if you wish to use stonework to combine aesthetic appeal with load-bearing and fundamental building needs, we are pleased to meet your needs, having gained years of experience since opening in 2003.

We are the Stonework Pros at Allgood Construction Services, Inc.

The fact is that behind the scenes, stonework is also a craft and science; from the point that a sawyer cuts a block of stone into a particular shape and size, to the time that a fixer mason fits various stones together to form a structure, stonework requires skill and dedication. The stone-fitting can be done using mortar, dowels, or it can be ‘dry stonework’. If you want to learn more, just call us at (770) 336-7876.

The Stonework Experts Since 2003

Allgood Construction Services, Inc. can tell you as to how we use chisels to shape the stone, mallets to strike, and straightedge to hone the edge. We have to use these tools with skill if the stones are to be precisely dressed and fitted, especially when the job is to be done without using mortar; a technique known as dry stone. The right tool must be used on the right stone and with the right force and this knowledge is something we have been ‘honing’ since 2003. After all, we use granite, marble and also some sedimentary stone for our stonework projects, but they all have to be treated differently.

One thing that is not different is a constant high quality of work coupled with a fair price. Phone us now at (770) 336-7876 to get free quotes for your stonework needs!