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Allgood Construction Thursday, December 22nd, 2022

Red Brick Vs Cement Block: Which one is better for construction?

Construction work has been confined to bricks until the past few years. Traditional red bricks have been ruling the construction business as all larger buildings have been dependent on it before the introduction of cement blocks. Cement blocks have come in popularity due to its long term viability and environment friendly construction.

The  red brick and cement block have different common features of fire-resistance, solid and pest-proof construction materials. The insulation value is quite low as their thermal mass is much higher. This further adds to heat retention. Although they have many similarities, there are some significant differences between them.

It’s very crucial to understand the difference between  cement blocks  and red bricks so that you can be more informed about your decision.


Advantage of cement blocks over red bricks.

Why are cement blocks suitable for construction over the red bricks? Here are some primary points to consider:

  • Cheaper Alternative: In comparison to brick masonry, concrete blocks are much cheaper. The cost of concrete blocks is Rs.1,500 less in every cubic meter in comparison to the brick one. As per the estimations, it costs 17.65% less to construct a wall from AAC blocks than the one constructed by the conventional bricks.
  • Eco-friendly Alternative: In the process of production and manufacturing, the concrete blocks leave a lesser impact on nature. The blocks are made of Fly Ash which is eliminated as waste product in thermal power plants. Red bricks on the contrary absorbs topsoil in processing and manufacturing that deprives the natural protective layer of soil.
  • Soundproof Feature: In the surrounding of industrial areas or busy roads, soundproofing can be a very promising and attractive feature. The concrete blocks have a higher density and exhibit greater soundproofing. The powerful acoustic insulation of these blocks can be a great help.
  • Light weight: Cement blocks are lighter with great workability, stability and comparison to red bricks. These blocks are much more functional and ideal for modern infrastructures due to the dry density ratio that lowers the load on the building.
  • Strength: The cement blocks are more resistant to earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes as these calamities are more common these days. They add maximum level to their durability and strength and help in facing natural disasters.
  • More saving on space: As they have a significant amount of overall space, the cement blocks are often recommended by the contractors. Even with reduced width, the reliability is not compromised with increasing amount of space in construction. 

In the context of choosing between the cement blocks and red bricks, it’s like a toss-up situation. One must consider the advantages and disadvantages of both while choosing one.

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