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Allgood Construction Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

Pros and Cons of paver patio

Having a paver patio installed in your home enhances the quality of your home. Paver patios have become an increasingly popular part of making our home unique, vibrant and beautiful. A paver patio can serve various purposes, it can add a visual effect to your pathway, or create a recreational space for your family or for creating an outdoor dining space. Low costs for paver patio installation as well as endless varieties of paver patio patterns are also contributing factors for the rising popularity of paver patios.

Pros and cons of paver patio

Have you asked many of your close friends and family about paver patio and received mixed answers that have forced you to start thinking? Have you started to wonder if a paver patio will be best for your home? Or maybe you have thought for once Why Paver patio? To help you get out of this confusion Allgood Construction Services has prepared a list of pros and cons of paver patios:


  1. Limitless possibilities: Pavers in varied sizes, shapes, colors, designs. You can choose from a wide range of choices and design your patio in many possible ways. With pavers you will have the chance to show your creativity and create an outdoor space that will enhance the whole aesthetic value of your home.
  2. Durability to last: When pavers are properly installed, they form an interlock and create a great paving system. Pavers are great to face any type of weather, climate or season. Whatever Mother nature throws at your paver patio, it has the durability to last. This is because pavers contain pigments and aggregates that run throughout an individual stone.
  3. Easy maintenance: Paver patio is very easy to maintain and requires very low cost. Application of sealant is all you need to protect your paver from dust and debris. Also, the cost of repair on the paver patio is less and easy to perform.


  1. High cost: The initial cost of installing a paver patio is expensive. It takes a lot of time, effort and expertise to install a paver patio which increases the cost. However, it can be considered as an investment in the long run as you will not have to pay much for its maintenance.
  2. Pesky weed growth: Paver patios are notorious for being prone to weed growth. The small seeds of weed may get trapped between the cracks in the paver. The weeds can damage the patio materials in the long run. One way of limiting weed growth is regular sweep or a power wash.
  3. Longer installation process: Paver patios take a longer time to install compared to a concrete one. There are various steps that have to be followed which makes installation of the paver patio a long process. It can take a professional team between 3-5 days for the installation.


Paver patio facelift

Are you starting to notice the paver patio losing its colors. The designs that once used to create great visuals now seem to look dull. If this is the case then it may be the perfect time for your paver patio to have a patio facelift . It is always a great idea to have a makeover of your old patio to transform it into a new one. All Good Construction specializes in providing paver patio installation services in and around the Suwanee, GA area. Our team has the experience of face-lifting paver patios for years, and we can promise you that your paver patio will again start to enhance your home’s aesthetic value.

For more information about concrete paver sealers, you can always feel free to CALL US TODAY and GET A QUOTE for your construction requirements.

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