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Allgood Construction Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

How to identify common chimney problems?

Chimneys are a vertical structure which allows the smoke from a fire inside a building to escape to the air outside so it is important to keep them functioning. It is mainly used to absorb heat, smoke, oil and grease to make your kitchen clean and odor-free. Chimney is the gateway to remove the smoke which will make your indoor air quality better. Chimney repair and replacement is not low and if there are any chimney problems then it is dangerous to your home and family. The Chimney repair cost is around 175$ to 500$ for reseal, $300to $2000 for repair, $800 to $1200 for resurface  and $1700 to $3000 for replacement. The quicker you repair or replace the damaged chimney, the better it is. Otherwise, it can be worse after a short period of time and also increase the danger.


Some common chimney problems.

Chimneys are a beautiful and handy addition to your home, but they can also bring another set of responsibilities. An annual chimney inspection and cleaning is essential so avoid the some common chimney problems like:

  • Creosote: It is a natural byproduct of burning fuel. When you are burning wood, pellets or gas, smoke goes up the chimney and creosote is built up over time. It is a mixture of a black or brown tar and soot, which is fine carbon powder. There are different types of  creosote but all can cause a dangerous fire if it is not clean or inspected properly. According to NFPA “National Fire Protection Association”, it recommends that chimneys should be inspected annually and one reason is to make sure there isn’t a hazardous buildup of creosote which needs to be cleaned.
  • Chimney Blockage: Chimney’s blockage or obstruction is caused by numerous things, including blockage of the chimney draft. When smoke doesn’t exit properly, it can force carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes back into the house. 
  • Brickwork problems: Brick used on chimneys are certainly durable but they are not indestructible. It is normal to find cracked and spalling bricks on a chimney, but damage needs to be replaced. Before, it dealt with a collapsed chimney, replacing a brick after the moisture cracked and crumbled. 
  • Chimney crown and cap: Crown and cap protects the top of the chimney from moisture, animals, and other debris. Moisture is the biggest enemy to the chimney and it can cause damage to the ceiling, damperm masonry, firebox and walls. When cap and crown is damaged, it cannot protect the chimney as intended, leading to the blockage and breakdowns.
  • Cracked flashing: Flashing in chimneys is the seal between the chimney and the roof. It prevents weather like rain, ice from entering the attic. Inspection of the chimney is needed due to the cracked flashing. It usually occur when it is older or improperly installed flashing can crack, impairing structural integrity and encouraged mold growth   
  • Crack in the chimney flue: To see the crack in chimney’s flue without the assistance of a camera is difficult. It occurs when you have a chimney fire, or when the heat causes the tiles to expand and place pressure on one side of the tile and crack it.

Chimney repair service in All Good construction services

All Good construction services are certified and can handle any type of chimney repair service near you. Our professional will repair and replace your chimney and answer all the questions and educate you on the importance of a cleaned chimney.

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