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Allgood Construction Thursday, December 29th, 2022

How to choose a perfect paver?

The outdoor areas are often considered as some sorts of extension work on indoor living space. The modern day construction demands more than the color of the roof and match to the gutters. The renovation work nowadays is more than that. The work includes outdoor paver blocks and color carefully in addition to the carpet, kitchen interiors and paint color.

Different points to consider while choosing a perfect paver are described briefly below:

Style or theme of your residence

The selection process of styling of those paver installations  is much simplified once you decide the theme or aesthetic of residential structure. Let’s observe some of the examples:

  • A larger format paver paver is suited for a modern, sleek style home
  • More light color pavers are suitable for coastal or Hamptons.
  • Gray and charcoal pavers are best fit for industrial style.
  • Clay range pavers are the best choice for traditional homes.

Time span of the house

In order to keep up the consistent look for your home, the period of the house should be kept on consideration. Cottage-style homes traditionally complement bluestone paving stones and tiles, as well as marble and travertine paving stones. If your home is traditional red brick, our herringbone clay clinker may match the age of the home.

Have children and pets

Your lifestyle is as important as your aesthetics. Having children and pets means that you need a very durable, durable and scratch-resistant paving stone. Each paver should list its features and benefits.

Lifestyle that suits to entertain

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home and is part of entertaining your guests. BBQ, food and drinks can all spill, so dirt-resistant paving stones can be important. If guests tend to wear heels or shoes that can damage the paving stones, consider scratch-resistant paving stones. Whatever your lifestyle, there is a choice of paving stones that suits your needs.

Requires additional strength and durability

Strength and durability can be important in paving projects, especially on driveways, vehicle access paths, and high-traffic areas. A 50 mm or 60 mm thick paving stone is recommended to withstand additional loads such as: bearing weight load and tire twist and rotation. Interlocking pavement patterns help further strengthen paving stones, so paving patterns can also be used to increase the durability of paving stones.

Importance of aesthetics

If the aesthetics of your paving stones is a priority, the premium range paving stones will suit your needs. Premium Paver is a high quality and durable paver that not only looks impressive and stylish, but generally offers many features and benefits.

Adjustment / additional of existing color

The pavement colors these days are very abundant! Regardless of the project, there are paving stones that match existing colors. If you start with a blank canvas, we recommend choosing a paving stone that matches our product, such as: B. Garden walls, retaining walls, stairs.


Having a clear budget for your pavement project will also help you choose the right pavement. If you have a contractor install the paving stones, the choice of paving stones can also affect the installation cost due to the number of cuts, the weight of the paving stones, and ease of use. Paving stone estimates are usually estimated per square meter (m2), making it easy to calculate the cost of paving stones.

About color selection
The current trend for pavement colors similar to paints, tiles, carpets, etc. is towards warm neutrals such as white, cream, light gray, and dark gray. Some notable points regarding the color of the paving stones are both light and heat. A solid white color in direct sunlight can be very dazzling at the peak of the day, while dark colors such as charcoal and black generate and retain heat, raising the surface temperature on hot summer days.


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