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Allgood Construction Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

How can natural stone be an asset for your landscaping?

After months of imprisonment, homeowners across the country are ready to go out and work on some of the landscaping projects at the beginning of spring. However, due to the potential for summer and autumn droughts in much of the western and southeastern parts of the country, homeowners go beyond the well-maintained green grass that has become a staple of most suburban landscapes. It is better to think about it.

Addressing the use of natural stones in the landscaping is one of the sustainable ways in terms of appearance and functioning. Natural stone pavers have several benefits that prove natural stones as an asset for your landscaping.

Benefits of natural stone for landscape design

Stones, rocks and gravel, on the other hand, are all natural materials and offer the same specific benefits as concrete and asphalt, while providing many benefits to a healthier and more sustainable landscape around the home. Unnatural hardscapes are primarily considered a convenient way to get from home to a car or mailbox. However, both asphalt and concrete have significant environmental impacts, in contrast to natural landscaping strategies.

  • Durability and Versatility: Natural stone is a very durable material and lasts for hundreds of years before it finally decomposes into soil. There are different types of rocks and stones that can be used as part of a sustainable landscaping strategy. Incorporating stone designs into the garden can be done in a variety of ways, but part of the appeal is that natural stones are the stabilizing and grounding force of any landscape design.
  • Natural and abundant: Almost 65% of the Earth’s crust is made up of rocks. That is, there is a virtually unlimited supply of rocks and stones for human use. High-quality landscape stones such as granite, river rocks, sandstone and slate are abundant in almost every region of the country.
  • Appearance: Natural stone walls are beautiful and visually appealing. From decomposed granite soil, which gives the house a soft and rustic look, to exquisite paving stones that extend from the mailbox to the front door, there are many ways in which the plain color of the stone can enhance the aesthetics of your property.
  • Allows rainwater to penetrate the soil: Concrete and asphalt driveways and sidewalks are almost always impermeable surfaces, resulting in large and sometimes toxic rainwater spills. Impermeable passageways around the house can also prevent the infiltration of natural rainwater and deplete local groundwater sources.
  • An alternative to Xeriscaping landscape:¬†Natural stone landscapes are much feasible when it comes to construction in drought-prone areas. Some popular choices of natural stones by the homeowners are pea gravel, crushed granite gravel or lava rock. These need less irrigation and provide good protection.


Choosing the best stone paver for landscaping

There are many options when it comes to stone pavers for your landscaping. Among all, while choosing the best stone paver, granite stone paver is the best one for your landscaping. Granite is harder than marble or limestone. This makes it more durable and further an ideal choice for high foot traffic areas. Being porous in nature, it could resist the stain.

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