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Allgood Construction Wednesday, September 28th, 2022

Hardscape cleaning and maintenance

Want to create an outdoor space that enhances the aesthetic value of your home? Do you also want your front yard to look like a great place to go for a walk or play with your kids? It should come as no surprise that having a great front and back yard can increase the curb appeal and increase the value of the property in the neighborhood. Having an outdoor living space provides an oasis to enjoy life. To design our landscape, firstly we have to understand the two elements that make up outdoor space; hardscapes and softscapes.

Hardscape vs Softscape: Pros and cons

The major differences between the two elements are:

Hardscape elements are the inanimate objects such as pavers, rocks, concrete, fences, gates, fountains and more. Hardscape elements are permanent in nature and give a definite shape and pathways to the landscape.

Softscape elements are living things such as grass, flowers, ground covers, shrubs and trees. Softscapes are changeable. Softscape enhances the mood of the landscape. The flowers, trees, shrubs, and grass bring the front yard to life. However, softscapes require higher maintenance.

Although hardscapes and softscapes are the total opposite of each other yet both are necessary to make a landscape fully functional. Having too much of one or the other in a front yard can compromise your home’s aesthetic value. Having too much hardscapes can result in tk. Whereas, having too much softscapes makes your yard look like a jungle.

Hardscape cleaning and maintenance

A well designed hardscape services should last for years without any major work needing to be done. However, it is still important to have regular checks and maintenance to ensure your hardscape doesn’t lose its aesthetic value. Some of the methods for hardscape cleaning and maintenance are

  • Joint re-sanding:  The sand in the joints is an integral part to keep your hardscape long lasting. However over time, the joints will start to see failing sands, or growth of weeds, molds that can damage the integrity of your hardscape. One way of ensuring the maintenance of the hardscape is clearing the weeds and re sanding the joints to strengthen it.
  • Cleaning: Having a regular schedule for cleaning your hardscapes goes a long way. You can do daily sweeps or brushing, remove weeds or when there are discoloration issues use power washing to keep cleanliness.
  • Sealing: Applying sealants in your patios, driveways, pathways creates an invisible layer on the top of your hardscape. This will protect your patios from getting stained and prevent the fading of colors.

How often should you have your hardscape clean and maintained by professionals?

It is recommended that you regularly check and clean your patios, driveways, pathways to preserve them. It is best to have your hardscapes cleaned and maintained by professionals once a year. However, depending on the traffic that your hardscapes get, the frequency of getting them professionally cleaned has to be increased.


Hardscape services in All Good Construction

Looking to construct hardscapes for your yard? Or looking for help in maintenance & cleaning of your existing hardscapes? All Good Construction specializes in providing the best hardscape construction services around the Suwanee, GA area. From hardscape construction to cleaning & maintenance, with Allgood Construction you can be sure that the best hardscape contractors with years of experience will help you in restoring the beauty of your front and back yard.

For more information about concrete paver sealers, you can always feel free to CALL US and GET AN ESTIMATE for your construction requirements.

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