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Allgood Construction Wednesday, November 9th, 2022

Gas Fireplace Vs Wood Burning fireplace- Which one is better?

The beauty and atmosphere of the fireplace is timeless and adds discreet elegance to every room. The high, beautiful and flickering flames and crackling sounds can serve many purposes, from providing functional warmth in the cold season to perhaps creating a romantic year-round fireplace. Now that winter is approaching, you may be considering upgrading your current system. If you’re not sure whether to choose a gas fireplace or a wood stove, you’ve come to the right place. While gas stoves and wood stoves have many advantages, there are some important differences. Let’s take a closer look at these two fireplaces to help you decide which heater is best for you.

Gas fireplace 

Gas fireplaces are popular all over the world. And why? As a fuel, gas offers an affordable running cost-hence its popularity. Add the convenience of a simple switch and you’ll win. The gas heater provides enough heat to heat your home quickly. The other two main advantages over wood heating are: 

Gas offers not only traditional designs, but also contemporary designs. 

Our house is more than just a roof, it expresses individuality. With a gas fireplace, you can choose between a model with a traditional look or a modern look. Therefore, if you decide to add a contemporary design to your home, you may prefer  a gas heater with a simple design. The clean lines of the contemporary look create a minimalist aesthetic. You can choose logs, driftwood, and stones depending on your model, so you can choose the right interior material to further enhance the look you need. Creating an elegant focus for a room has never been easier. 

Increased flexibility 

With almost unlimited flame variations, you can enjoy a decorative fire all year round. Fully adjustable heating means  you can enjoy the atmosphere that the flickering flames can create.

Wood burning fireplace 

Some  wood-burning fireplaces  are fascinating. The traditional look of the heavy  steel construction creates a stunning focus on any room. You can rest assured that this investment will last a lifetime. Consider these two important advantages over gas heaters as a timeless heating option. 

Great heating power 

Large rooms with high ceilings are especially difficult to heat. A wood-burning fireplace, on the other hand, can heat the largest room with a higher heat output than gas. The wood heater has a burning time of up to 12 hours and can heat up to 300 square meters. With a choice of free-standing or built-in models, these fireplaces are functional, very stylish and wood burning fireplace is affordable in cost

Independence from utility 

The off-the-grid lifestyle has recently revived. It’s not hard to understand why rising energy prices make heating your home expensive. Wood-burning stoves can be energy-independent by supplying power in the event of a power outage, and many wood-burning stoves even provide a cooking surface.


Effective choice for your residence

The flexibility to use the fireplace all year round means that you can not only get more value from your investment, but  also enjoy the fireplace all year round, not only in cold weather. It makes Gas a double winner.

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