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Allgood Construction Thursday, October 20th, 2022

Why is chimney installation important?

Do you really need a chimney?

Don’t you just love having a fireplace in your home? It is a great gathering place for your family, you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere even during the coldest of nights. What else do you need? And where there is a fireplace, there needs to be a chimney to ensure all the harmful gasses go straight outside of your home.

Having a chimney gives the homeowner a lot of benefits:

  1. A smoke free home.
  2. Safe use of your fireplace or wood burning stove.
  3. Installation of fireplace for gathering.

Chimney liner? Never heard about it.

‘What is a chimney liner?’ If this question popped in your head when you first heard about chimney liner, then don’t worry you are not alone. It is not uncommon for house owners to be unaware about chimney liners thanks to their long lasting life span – upto half a century.

Chimney liners are exactly what they sound like, a lining that goes inside of your chimney. It creates a clear and direct path for smokers to exit your home safely and efficiently.


Why is a chimney liner important?

Chimney liner is one of the most crucial parts for the safe operation of your fireplace. Installation of a proper functioning chimney liner is a life saver for years to come. Since it is very durable and can last a long time, you can be sure your chimney liner will be worth every penny. Some of the imprtance of chimney installation liners are:

  1. Chimney liners protect you from accidental fires. Although the materials used in the chimney may be fireproof, there may be woodwork or other other combustible materials on the other side of the chimney that can catch fire.  When there is an active flame sending heat through an unlined chimney, it can take only a few hours for an accidental fire to start.
  2. Chimney liners protect your masonry from getting damaged. Although the bricks used in the chimney may seem solid, in reality they are of porous nature. If you have an active flame in your fireplace, it produces a lot of corrosive byproducts by combustion. This can cause a lot of damage to the quality of your masonry. Having a chimney liner adds an extra layer of defense for your masonry.
  3. Without a proper chimney liner the harmful gasses produced during combustion may not be efficiently released from our home. Installation of chimney liners will ensure that the harmful gasses get a clear and direct path to exit our homes.

Although chimney liners are durable, we have to schedule an annual inspection to ensure our chimney liners are working properly. If the defects and problems are found early, it lowers our chimney repair costs significantly.

When to have your chimney repaired or replaced?

Are you confident that your chimney is in great condition and doesn’t require any repairs? There can be many instances where from the outside your chimney may look perfectly fine, but in reality the condition can be quite different. So, it is a great idea to have your chimney professionally inspected once a year. Whenever you start noticing your chimney not releasing smoke properly or pieces of bricks/ tile falling through the chimney, it is a warning sign and the chimney has to be repaired immediately.

Looking for a chimney repair service near you? All Good Construction specializes in providing the best chimney repair and replacement services in and around the Suwanee, GA area. Since 2003 we offer the  best chimney installation services as well as chimney repairing and replacement services at the most affordable prices.

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