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Boulder creek stone: The perfect fireplace accessory

Having a fireplace in your house can make a world of difference. A fireplace becomes the focal point of any room it may be placed in. If fireplaces could talk it would express how grateful it is that many joyful and eventful memories are created around it. However, a fireplace is incomplete without fireplace accessories.

Why do you need a fireplace accessory?

Who needs fireplace accessories? The simple and short answer is everyone needs one. 

Fireplace accessories can work miracles on the overall look of our fireplaces. It can turn our hearth into stylish, cozy and the focal point of our room. There are a wide range of modern fireplace accessories that you can choose from to decorate your fireplace.

Boulder Creek Stone: The perfect fireplace accessory

Whenever we want to really relax at home, we head for the fireplace. Such an important place should be great and nowadays, many homeowners are beginning to build out their fireplaces into something beyond just an appliance. Boulder creek stone may just be the perfect fireplace accessory you need. Installing a boulder creek stone will make your fireplace look stunning and great. It ensures that the material around your fireplace is fireproof and you can enjoy many moments with your loved ones while cherishing the beauty of your fireplace.


Fireplace safety tips.

Fireplace can be a great place for you to enjoy with your family. It keeps everyone warm during the coldest of nights and many memories are created near the fireplace. But, you and your children also know playing with or near fire is dangerous. It is necessary to be sure you and your family will be safe while you enjoy the warmth provided by your fireplace.

There are some fireplace safety tips which we must follow at all times, so that our fireplace may not cause any kind of damage to us.

  • If possible, keep a window open while the fire is burning in your fireplace.
  • Always use dry and well aged wood. When you use dry and well aged woods, it tends to produce less smoke and burns more evenly. Whereas use of wet and greenwood causes more smoke and contributes to soot buildup in the chimneys.
  • Always remember, smaller pieces of wood placed on a grate burn faster and produce less smoke.
  • It is recommended to have your chimney checked by a professional annually.
  • Never leave your fireplace unattended. Always make sure your fireplace is completely out before going to sleep or leaving the house.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher and safety equipments on hand.
  • Fireplaces should not be used as furnaces. It is best to use a fireplace for a short duration- no longer than five hours.
  • Keep a non-flammable rug in front of the fireplace, it will ensure the sparks don’t melt or cause damage to your carpeting.
  • Always use fireplace tools to handle burning logs. Never use your hands.
  •  Use a chimney cap to prevent water damage, to keep animals from nesting and to keep debris from blocking the chimney causing carbon monoxide to flow into the house.

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