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Allgood Construction Thursday, December 1st, 2022

Benefits of landscape retaining wall for your yard area

In case you are hunting for different ways to upgrade or renovate your yard, retaining walls are the one you need to run enough inspections on, especially in the condition of sloped yards and elevated spaces. Yard leveling is a time-consuming and costly job because of which retaining walls are chosen for its numerous benefits both visuals and functionals. Different benefits of  landscape retaining wall are listed below:

Aesthetic charm 

With the right height and material, retaining walls can be a dynamic and attractive addition to your garden. In fact, landscape architects know all kinds of options when it comes to building  retaining walls, including different materials depending on the aesthetics of the space. The material options are: 

  •  Rock 
  •  Woods 
  •  Gabion 
  •  Natural stone 
  •  Concrete block 

Whatever your design preferences, the professional team can work with you to create great ones that perfectly match your landscape preferences. 

Prevention of soil erosion

Many factors counter soil erosion by wind, flash floods, and neighbors who insist on constantly watering the lawn. 

One of the biggest advantages of retaining wall construction is that they can hold the soil in place. Retaining walls support the soil, significantly reducing the rate at which water flows over its surface and  preventing erosion. Additional channels and drains can  be added within the retaining wall for proper construction. No matter how much protection your floor needs, experts can help you strategically plan a retaining wall idea dedicated to your space.

Addition of functional space in the yard

Although hills and mounds are meant to present their own appeal, they take up valuable space and are even difficult to workaround. The professional retaining wall design makes the prominent use of the space. Different ideas to consider are listed below:

  • Creating a patio through a series of retaining walls can add a large amount of functional space to the garden to provide a comfortable landscaping surface. Rice terraces can also create an impressive and attractive façade in your garden, emphasizing special features such as gardens and patios.
  • Install a small retaining wall to provide a flowerbed in front of your property. With the raised bed, you can mix with more flower-friendly soil. 
  • One or more retaining walls (depending on the size of the property) can be used to separate visually effective garden areas, especially in large rooms.

Addition of value to your property

There are always more and inclusive considerations at the time of buying a home and most notable ones are structural support and erosion prevention.  


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